17 Things to Pack For Wanderlust

By Goldie Graham

I am teaching a Designing Sequences and Transforming Adjustments workshop at Wanderlust Stratton this year and it’s packing time! Here are my 17 essential things to pack for Wanderlust to help you keep it fresh, stylish and functional.

What to pack for Wanderlust  | Temple Turmeric

  1. My North Face jacket: For the chilly, rainy times in the mountain. (They happen every year.)

  2. A cute Teeki outfit: For classes and kickin’ around.

  3. Hat: Because the sun does shine and sun spots and wrinkles can wait.

  4. My new 3mm yoga mat from lululemon: It’s better than any other mat out there.

  5. My hip shades: From the uber cool store, Moscot in Brooklyn.

  6. Macrobar: Carry snacks, you’ll be hungry and out of your room all day.

  7. Temple Turmeric: Because it tastes good, feels good in your body, and keeps you healthy during active days and nights.

  8. Avalon Organics vitamin C moisturizer: Because who doesn’t need a good moisturizer?

  9. Cash flow yo: The vendors are rad at Wanderlust. Bring dough.

  10. Sunscreen: Any brand, any strength. Just bring some.

  11. Havaiannas: Easy on/off footwear for classes and you can stick them in bag so they don’t accidently get taken.

  12. New Balance 1400s: Tons of trails and run opportunity. Bring your kicks.

  13. Gold Fanny Pack: A. They’re dope. B. It’s gold! C. Hands-free is convenient.

  14. Kindle: You’ll have down time. Reading is good for your brain.

  15. Notebook/pen: Mine houses my class sequences. I never take it out of sight.

  16. Hydro Flask: Hydrate for free! Bring your own bottle.

  17. Skateboard: Because there’s plenty of road to have some fun on.

See you there!


Goldie Graham for Temple Turmeric

Goldie Graham, based out of San Diego, is a traveling yoga instructor who leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats around the globe. She is a community leader, an innovator in creating unique events and has been featured at Wanderlust, in Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, Shape Magazine, Mantra, The Huffington Post and was awarded the esteem of “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine. For Goldie, creating a yoga sequence is an artistic outlet and as a result, is known for her unique ability and creativity to combine playfulness with precision and alignment. Her deliberate, hands on adjustments will leave you feeling tended to, even amidst a full class. Seeking life everywhere, she finds it in the burn of her lungs, and identifies herself equally as a yogi and runner. Her experience of the asana practice is multidimensional. “Some days we practice purely for the body, and some days we practice for our being.” The magic happens when they’re in sync, hence her affinity for vinyasa yoga. To view when Goldie might be in your neighborhood, check her out at www.GoldieYoga.com.

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