Before heading to the Desert…


Bhakti Fest is officially only a week away! Since some of us may be in a slight panic at the thought of pitching a proper tent, we wanted you to be prepared before immersing yourself in the desert next week. As a first timer to the Bhakti experience, I enlisted the help of my friend, and fellow TumericALIVE fanatic, David , to get the low down on how to prepare for the four day bender of Kirtan, Dancing, Yoga and …drum circles. I’ll be slowly counting down the days and getting in the zone with Girish and Krishna Das on repeat. #omnamashivaya!

Here are six of David’s picks of what you simply cannot do without at Bhakti Fest…

-A swimsuit.  There is a pool, thank goodness. Sunblock and a big ol’ floppy hat or sunglasses.

-Lots of water because, you know, it’s the desert.

-A meditation cushion or beach chair (for when you’re not dancing, of course) — 24 hrs a day of kirtan requires a comfy seat.

-Some throat-lozenges since you’ll be singing, chanting, and om-ing non-stop.

-A camera is recommended to document yourself with DJ Drez or CC White (for example) when you happen into them while dancing to the spontaneous chant-and-drum circle that just arose on the walking path.

Cash-money is an obvious necessity for all the awesome vendors, especially White Swan Records/Black Swan Sounds where you can buy a CD of the live act who just exploded your anahata. The food court is a smorgasbord of delicious vegan/vegetarian cuisine. As always, the Krishna Kitchen tends to win.

Lastly, along with all your love, light and gratitude, bring your unresolved karma, deep-seeded resentments, blocked energy, sexual deviancy, attachments, confusion and fear, because you’re going to want to offer it up, let it all burn in the fire of devotion and be transmuted into pure life-force energy which can then be reintegrated into your being as joy beyond causation, as ecstatically calm inspiration.

That, and then more water.

Have fun. Be safe. And stop by the TumericALIVE booth to sip an elixir of life, recharge with PurePRANA and ignite your journey!

We’ll be there to hydrate you, heal you, and support you.

Been to Bhakti and have some recommendations on how to prep? Send them our way!

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