Evolved Look, Same Temple Turmeric

Evolved Look, Same Temple Turmeric


With humble gratitude we are honored to announce our evolved brand look and two new Temple Turmeric Elixirs, White Turmeric Dark Cherry and Pure Mega!


The Evolved Look of Temple Turmeric

When we began the journey to transition from TumericALIVE to Temple Turmeric last year, we knew there would be a final step in the evolution of how we express our brand philosophy and promise through our packaging. In crafting our new packaging, we wanted to bring to life ancient Ayurveda and our vibrant Hawaiian roots using henna, Sanskrit-inspired designs.

The evolved look is the perfect expression of our passionate devotion to a conscious approach to wellness and a humble respect for the Body as Temple.


New Elixirs Celebrating White Turmeric

Building on the electric and positive energy of our new packaging, we are also releasing White Turmeric Dark Cherry and Pure Mega, two succulent new Elixirs that are the first-to-market beverages featuring and celebrating organic white turmeric.

What is White Turmeric? | Temple Turmeric

What is White Turmeric? Grown in the volcanic, nutrient-rich soil of Hawaii, white turmeric is an ancient varietal praised as the most holy of turmeric varietals by Buddhist monks. Yet white turmeric is still rare in the Western world.

What does White Turmeric taste like? White turmeric is a beautiful white to pale yellow varietal. As it is more subdued in color than more common turmeric varietals, similarly, white turmeric  offers a lighter turmeric flavor. Its taste is reminiscent of green mango with notes of spicy ginger and a hint of the traditional warming turmeric earthiness we love.

Like all of Temple Turmeric’s turmeric based beverages, our two new offerings are crafted to Honor Your Body as Temple by supporting your healthy inflammation response:

White Turmeric Dark Cherry Elixir Crafted with volcanic white turmeric, this Elixir tastes deliciously crisp with floral cardamom notes and a kick of ginger; the perfect balance to blissful and luxurious organic dark cherry. In every 50-calorie bottle this new Elixir also contains a splash of cold-pressed apple cider vinegar and 1 billion CFU of vegan probiotics. Launches nationwide exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

Pure Mega Elixir Boasting the highest level of turmeric in the our entire line, Pure Mega delivers a bold, 13,000 mg of turmeric in each bottle, which is married with juicy pineapple, mango and citrus, plus black pepper, coconut milk and other adaptogenic botanicals to maximize curcumin absorption. Launches in select Costco warehouses in February with additional national retailers in March.


You will begin seeing our evolved look and two new offerings nationwide this month at your local grocer. To experience these next-level innovations at Natural Products Expo West, we’ll be offering a Zen sanctuary at booth #5676!


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Breathe Deep & Enjoy the Journey

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