Hawaiian Gold Turmeric

Turmeric was originally cultivated and consumed most in southeast Asia dating back more than 4000 years. More recently, many other lands have started refining their own strands of turmeric, building farms and communities around the majestically hued rhizome.

Hawaiian Gold Turmeric farm | TumericALIVE

Organic Family Farming

In 2008 we at TumericALIVE were incredibly fortunate to visit and work on such a farm in Pahoa, Hawaii. Previous eruptions from the Kilauea volcano have enriched the Pahoa soil and everything that grows in it with nutrients and warmth. We believe this, and the love from the family who works the land, is what sets our Hawaiian Gold Turmeric apart from so many others.

TumericALIVE's Hawaiian Gold Turmeric Farm

More than 7 years have passed since our first journey to Pahoa and our relationships with the same family farm and with the Hawaiian soil have never felt more connected.

Hawaiian Gold Turmeric

When we first started TumericALIVE, we wanted to craft our elixirs with copious amounts of cold-pressed and cold-pressured turmeric. In each serving you will find 13 powerful grams of Hawaiian Gold Turmeric. In order to do that, we start with a vibrant, nutrient-packed variety that is also on the mild side in flavor. This variety, Hawaiian Gold Turmeric, is now used exclusively in TumericALIVE elixirs.

TumericALIVE's Hawaiian Gold Turmeric fresh from the Earth

We feel very honored to welcome Hawaiian Gold Turmeric to the family.

Going with the Flow

You may have seen the recent news that the Kilauea volcano has been gently erupting from a newly formed vent since June 2014 and it’s lava flow path has been leading directly to our farm. Over the past week most of the town has been mostly evacuated as the lava continues at a slow pace (about 5 to 10 yards per hour) closer still.

Lava flow in Pahoa, Hawaii

Thankfully the farm where our Hawaiian Gold Turmeric is grown is currently out of the lava flow path. Another opportunity for gratitude.

Have you ever visited beautiful Hawaii?

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