Meet the Whole Foods Market Local Producer Loan Program

"We don't just find great local food, we help people make it grow."

The very conscious Whole Foods® Market Local Producer Loan Program (LPLP) provides low-interest loans to independent local farmers and food artisans. As the Whole Foods Market’s website says, “We’re proud to support small producers who need a hand, not a handout, to help them make their dreams reality.”

In fact it is through a Whole Foods LPLP partnership that has given Tumeric – Elixirs of Life the opportunity to truly thrive!

Whole Foods market Local Producer Loan Program

Back to Our Roots 

When Tumeric – Elixirs of Life first began in 2009 we were primarily funded by friends and family who believed in our vision to share the vibrancy and wide encompassing powers of turmeric.

We feel so fortunate that our mission and values closely aligned with that of Whole Foods and that they saw something special in us worthy of an extra boost. Since then, we’ve worked very closely to identify what is most critical to enabling step change, thoughtful growth and further spread the supportive powers of our Hawaiian Gold Turmeric and our brand’s mission to make the world a more healthy and mindful place.

We’re thrilled that Whole Foods Market selected us and that they are using our founder Daniel’s picture(!!) in their recent Values Matter campaign.  It promotes healthy food that does good for people and the planet. So much gratitude.

To learn more about the Whole Foods Local Producer Loan Program check it out at


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