New Super Blends!

We are thrilled to announce our two newest items: Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee and Matcha Latte now available in select Whole Foods Markets in the Northwest, Southwest and Northeast! These are part of our Super Blends line that combines the enzymatic properties of a rich, raw honey along with ginger, spices, and plant-based fats and oils from coconut cream and hemp milk to help maximize the full potential of our Hawaiian Gold Turmeric.

Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee: Tradition Meets Function

New TumericALIVE Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee Super Blend

This blend offers a deep and multi-layered sensory experience using our own cold-brewed take on a classic Turkish coffee vibe with hints of aromatic brown cardamom. Then we add 13 grams of Hawaiian Gold Turmeric to a fusion of plant-based milks from coconut & hemp hearts.

Matcha Latte: A Daily Ceremony

New TumericALIVE Matcha Latte Super Blends

Matcha is made from shade-grown green tea leaves that are harvested at the peak of nutrition when chlorophyll levels and amino acids are at their highest. Our Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha is stone-ground and combined with 13 grams of our Hawaiian Gold Turmeric. This mashup is then blended with the lovingly smooth hemp and coconut milks for one revitalizing and satisfying blend.

Check out our current list of Whole Foods Markets in the Northwest, Southwest and Northeast that are carrying Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee and Matcha Latte to see if you can get them near you. Mahalo!

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