Organic Farming in Rhythm with Nature


At the heart of Temple Turmeric is a passion and devotion to our Hawaiian turmeric and the amazing people who organically grow and harvest it by-hand.

We have been working and growing with the same family farm in Hawaii since we began our journey crafting Elixirs in 2009. Back then we harvested about 300 pounds of turmeric annually and now we’re using more than 100,000 pounds a year!

What was once a farm that grew mainly ginger has grown to multiple fields growing our organic Hawaiian Oana Turmeric.


For Temple Turmeric, organic farming is being in tune with the rhythm of nature. It is growing a beautiful, clean harvest without pesticides or herbicides. It takes hard work, major passion, experience, understanding and integrity.

To see, to hold, and to walk barefoot through the exact soil where our turmeric is grown is inspiring and comforting. When we take it all in, we are reminded what an honor it is to know and to work with the amazing people who are living their passion for organic farming every day. 


All that attention, care and devotion to the earth and to new growth passes through the volcanic, nutrient-rich soil to the lovingly hand-harvested rhizomes and into every offering of Temple Turmeric to Honor Your Body as Temple.


Breathe Deep & Enjoy the Journey


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