Same Vibe, New Name

New Temple Turmeric Super Blends

New Temple Turmeric Super Blends

Same Vibe, New name

With an abundance of gratitude we announce our new name: Temple Turmeric!

Temple Turmeric formerly Tumeric - Elixir of Life

Our name and packaging will change, but none of our recipes or ingredients will be different. We remain passionately dedicated to our original founding philosophy of celebrating the body as Temple, and serving as a beacon for soulful health and awareness through the powerful benefits of organic drinkable turmeric.

Why We Made the Change

As we continue to grow from humble roots, it’s vital that our name represent who we are, our philosophy, and reason for being. The name “Temple” perfectly reflects our deep-rooted commitment to celebrating a conscious approach to nutrition, energy, and optimal wellness while respecting and honoring your body. We continue to do this as always by delivering the highest quality turmeric experience available using our proprietary Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™.

The Newness

We have maintained the bold “turmeric” call out on the packaging so you can still find us on the shelf. What has changed is the inclusion of a larger mandala logo in vivid earth tones to represent balance and presence within the body and unity with the universe.

Transition to temple turmeric from Tumeric - Elixir of Life

Other than that, our Vegan Elixir has a new name to better reflect what’s inside. It is now named Ginger Aid!

Ginger Aid formerly Vegan Elixir

And we have added 3 new Super Blends to our family: Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee, Matcha Latte, and Mexican Chocolate! They are dairy-free fusions of classic flavors with a turmeric twist.

New Temple Turmeric  Super Blends

Body As TempleBreathe Deep & Enjoy the Journey.

Daniel Sullivan

Founder & CEO, Temple Turmeric

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