TumericALIVE at Hanuman Festival to Benefit CO Flood Relief

Guest post from David Tefler McConaghay
This past weekend, the Colorado yoga community came together to acknowledge the continued difficulties faced by those most affected by the recent flooding. Hosted by Hanuman Presents, it was a heart-felt event that raised a full $15,000 for flood relief.
TumericALIVE was there in support, in solidarity, and in celebration of the community which has in many ways been strengthened by this adversity. Captain Colorado and Tumeric enthusiast Gina Caputo was the master of ceremonies, and our dear friends MC Yogi and DJ Drez were on hand to spark the dance party. 
Events like these remind us that there is no force of nature more powerful than the human spirit of service to others. Apparent disaster shifts instantly toward rejoicing when we simply strive to take care of one another as best we can. We are one community. There is one love and only love is real. 
We are grateful for, among many other things, the opportunity to serve the well-being of our family, friends and neighbors around the country with these deeply nourishing turmeric drinks. If health is wealth, Tumeric is pure gold.
Did any one else have fun at this event? What are you most grateful for this year?

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