TumericALIVE at Whole Foods Tribal Gathering



Founder Daniel and WFM Forager Elly Trusdell

Our love for Whole Foods is strong. We believe in their mission for changing the way people eat and think about real food, how it is grown , the people in the store and in the offices are incredible, and they know the importance of giving back. One major thing we love is how they are transitioning to a completely non-GMO products on the shelves by 2015.


Outside the Music Hall, WFM Food Trucks fueled up hungry gatherers.


Outside the flagship Lamar store in Austin, TX!

Growing from one small store in Austin to becoming a global power house and change maker, Whole Foods is setting the bar incredibly high for what super markets can be for the people and for the world. This gathering is one of the big reasons Whole Foods is an incredibly strong company, by bringing everyone together they can celebrate their accomplishments and create a single vision future, created and shared with everyone.

A few weeks back, TumericALIVE had the opportunity to spend a weekend at the Tribal Gathering in Austin. All of Whole Foods Markets “tribes” including all the operating regions, global teams, store leaders, Team Leaders, Board of Directors and other company regions get together for an epic weekend to share good food, company and inspiration. WF took over the Austin Music Hall and filled it with brands from around the country, who pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients, sourcing local and giving back on a different level. 

Entertainment was abundant, live African drumming was provided by Alaffia and Michael Franti put on an incredible show after hours and every person in attendance was buzzing with great energy.

 Thank you Whole Foods for including TumericALIVE in this epic weekend, we love you!

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