TumericALIVE Takes a Trip

photo 1It happens often that you can catch us joking around that we may have the best job in the world. I mean, we make handcrafted, healing beverages surrounded by incredibly passionate people every day. We help people feel really damn good and that’s what drives us every day! This week, part of the team took a trip upstate to Ithaca, NY. While it may seem like a daunting task to drive 4.5 hours each way for one meeting, we never complained. We shared some incredible meals from local bounty, had some laughs and supported each other when things could have taken a stressful turn.

After a failed attempt at 6 am hiking, we were determined to get some time in nature. Being enveloped by an abundance of beautifully colored leaves and lush green grass made me realize how important connecting with nature really is. We got lucky and ended our business day next to two trails, one leading to a gorge and the other a waterfall. Without hesitation, we changed and hit the trail running. 

Coming from New York, I felt like if it hadn’t been suddenly 20 degrees colder, I wouldn’t have known it was fall! It seems finding some trees requires a planned trip or just maybe putting away the iPhone and looking up. The concrete jungle is intense, accelerated and truly amazing but sometimes I need some insanely fresh air and the sound of running water.

photo 3 (1)We soaked up our Vitamin D, toyed with the idea of bathing under the waterfall and got some much needed time under the sky. Fall is the most beautiful and colorful season, in my opinion it is almost criminal to not enjoy it at least once. We encourage you all to find your nearest hiking trail or park, pull yourself away from email and get outside. It’s amazing what it can do for you.

photo 2 (1)P.S. Doesn’t the OG of the bunch look so refreshed?

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