Wanderlust Music Teaser

The Wanderlust yoga teacher line up is killer. There is no arguing that the reason people flock and travel and GROW is heavily because of the incredible yoga teachers we have guiding our experiencing and opening up our hearts and our minds to the possibility of community, evolution and a better tomorrow. BUT there is something to be addressed about the power of music. Wanderlust is a yoga festival but it is a festival that draws in some incredible artists that harness the power of music as a vehicle for transformation. My first Wanderlust, I barely scratched the surface of the music available to the community.


This year, the music has been a priority. The Rue Boheme has music all day long, incredible artists setting up shop and playing for our enjoyment. Hannah and Kevin Paris are two that we will be settling in to listen to. The Greatest Place has beats that will keep us up without a second thought and the camp fire jams? OoOhhh it’s just so good.

Many of us have a far journey ahead to reach to the top of the mountain in Lake Tahoe and we wanted to get you all a bit excited about the musical jams about to grace your ears. We put together a few of our favorites from headliners like Nahko and Medicine for the People, Big Gigantic, and some Dj sets that will pass the time and get you all sorts of excited for the music happening throughout the fest. Favorites and Wanderlust Staples are of course MC Yogi and DJ Drez.

Check it out.

We want to hear from you, who are you most excited to listen to and see in person?

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