Turmeric and Hangovers

Savory Turmeric Cocktail with Maple Bitters and Lime | Temple Turmeric

Savory Turmeric Cocktail with Maple Bitters and Lime | Temple Turmeric

by Prashanti de Jager

Turmeric Cocktail with Maple Bitters and Lime | Temple Turmeric

One can have amusing eye-opening times by researching patent applications. It is unbelievable what some people try to patent! Today I was looking into the controversial patent applications around turmeric and black pepper extracts (more on that in another article) when I saw a patent application regarding turmeric and hangovers. Here is the summary:


Reduced-Hangover Alcoholic Beverage Comprising Turmeric

US 20100003364 A1

“The present invention relates to a reduced-hangover alcoholic beverage including alcohol and turmeric. The invention also relates to the use of turmeric in the manufacture of a reduced-hangover alcoholic beverage. Also, the present invention relates to a method of reducing hangover due to consumption of an alcoholic beverage. The method includes adding turmeric to the alcoholic beverage prior to consumption of the alcoholic beverage.”

The Mechanisms

Of course, if you know a little about turmeric, you will not be surprised about this. In fact, the applicant proceeds to use some commonly known actions of turmeric to build his case, and of course cites numerous articles from the BioScience Literature. Some of these well-researched actions include:

  • Turmeric supports the body’s hepatic metabolism in general and of alcohol specifically

  • Turmeric supports the body’s innate balanced antioxidant function

  • Turmeric supports the body to generate a balanced response to occasional inflammation

  • Turmeric supports the liver’s enzymes and antioxidants role in protecting the body from toxins

  • Turmeric supports balanced levels of liver enzymes SGOT, SGPT and bilirubin [1]

  • Turmeric supports normal circulation of the blood


The ‘Scientific’ Lab Tests

I have to laugh at this point, because where a typical test would involve hundreds of ‘subjects’ that were tested in dozens of circumstances over an extended period of time, it sounds like this man got some friends together, 20 in fact, and simply had a good time! They each consumed 500 ml of whiskey, yikes, where ostensibly half had whiskey plus Turmeric juice, and half whiskey straight up. The applicant reports:

“Almost all of the test subjects whose whiskey [had turmeric] reported significant reduction of hangover symptoms; most of them having no headache or other symptoms.”

Yea Right. I can see how Turmeric will assist in this, but I would aver to say that having no symptoms after erasing a fifth of Jack is a mite hyperbolic.

Creative Cocktails

Of course, we do not advise you to duplicate these ‘tests’ of erasing a fifth of whiskey, absolutely not. However, if the occasional opportunity of creative cocktail formulation arises, you might consider introducing your plant allies into your recreational spirits.

Savory Turmeric Cocktail with Maple Bitters and Lime | Temple Turmeric

“Make that a Double:” Novel Ways of Consuming Turmeric

I have a friend who is a conscious and ingenious bartender in a high-end San Francisco haunt. He tells me how he enthralls more and more of his customers these days by inventing his own drinks that are based on Ayurvedic plant medicine. His mother, an excellent herbalist, has taught him well so he knows what he is doing. As it turns out, turmeric juice, specifically the Temple Turmeric drinks, is one of his favorite novel mixer ingredients!

Here’s a Turmeric Pineapple Margarita recipe to inspire your creativity.

And that Savory Turmeric Cocktail pictured above is an amazing, inflammation-friendly, refreshing alternative to a Bloody Mary. Stir together the following with plenty of ice:

  1. 1 oz vodka

  2. 1 oz Pure Prana Super Tonic

  3. Juice from a quarter lime

  4. A dash of Maple Bitters

  5. Tonic to fill your glass, about 2 oz

  6. Optional: For a touch of sweetness add maple syrup to your taste preference, maybe 1 tablespoon.

Non-Alcoholic Imbibing

And of course, one need not incorporate alcohol into these ingenious blends of turmeric juice. And now it is your turn: tell us your formulas of plant ally juices that enthrall your taste buds, your friends, and your Wellness!




Bon Apertif


[1] MahuyaSengupta et.al. Hepatoprotective properties of aqueous extract of Curcuma longa; Asian Pac J Trop Biomed 2011; 1(3):p193-199

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