Cool Sweet Summer Treats

Sweet treats are a Summertime favorite for everyone. Healthy Summertime treats are easy to create with Tumeric elixirs. Tumeric elixirs are light and refreshing and the treats can be created with just a few simple steps…

TumericALIVE sorbet is easy to make and one of our favorites.

All you need is:

½ cup of TumericALIVE Original Elixir
8 fresh organic strawberries
¼ cup fresh organic blueberries
½ cup purified or natural spring water

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a jar (leave some space at the top as the puree will expand as it freezes) and freeze for 7 hours. Once frozen remove from freezer and let soften slightly before serving. The sorbet has all the added antioxidant benefits of strawberries and blueberries plus no added sugar or preservatives.


Our Original Elixir works best for the sorbet, but feel free to use your favorite TumericALIVE flavor. Stay cool and enjoy!


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