Golden Granola- Turmeric and Coconut Oats


My love of granola is rational; its healthy, satisfying and so versatile. I have found a combination of oats, oil, and sweetener that works and lends itself to hundreds of different combinations. The possibilities are endless when you can add in in cacao, matcha and  different seeds like chia and flax keep to keep it interesting and exciting. Store in a glass jar and you are set for days.

The other day, rather than going with the usual combination of cacao and coconut I thought why not recreate the basic recipe from one of our elixirs and try that as a granola.

It turned out incredible. Slightly savor, a tad sweet and crispy; which is extremely important in a high quality granola. I recommend you try this as soon as you can and share with your family and friends because they will love you.

We recommend going all organic with all your products. The Whole Foods bulk bins have organic oats and desiccated coconut  to save you some hard earned pennies.

Try it out and let us know what you think. Did you add in any seeds or try a different sweetener?



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