Is it spelled Tumeric or Turmeric? From Confusion to Clarity

Living Maxwell discusses his journey to discover the correct spelling of turmeric.

Living Maxwell discusses his journey to discover the correct spelling of turmeric.

2010 was when I first started to become quite interested in turmeric.

There was this up-and-coming brand called TumericALIVE, which came in distinctively small and rectangular bottles, that I would see at a handful of stores around the city. It had this yellow-orange color and a sharp, appealing taste to it. By no means was TumericALIVE everywhere, but it seemed to be at several of the organic places that I used to frequent, including One Lucky Duck and Lifethyme Market.

Instead of digging in and getting curious about the real health benefits of this plant, I was fixated on what was the correct spelling. Did it have an “r” for “turmeric” or did it not have an “r” for “tumeric”? Or, could it be spelled both ways? I remember asking many people this question and spent time researching it online looking for an answer.

Yet, ironically and foolishly, I never bothered to put much effort into investigating the medicinal qualities of this food. I was too fixated on how this word should be spelled. Only several years later when I became friendly with TumericALIVE founder Daniel Sullivan, did I get real clarity on the issue when he told me that the correct spelling was, in fact, “turmeric”. However, they used it without the “r” for the company name.

In hindsight, it is pretty illogical and embarrassing that such a minute thing would get me so distracted that I would fail to appreciate what turmeric really was and how it could positively impact my body.

But maybe this is another reason why the re-brand of the company from TumericALIVE to Temple Turmeric is justified. And needed.

Quite possibly, the confusion it caused me had a similar impact on other people as well. As a result, more time was spent thinking about the correct spelling rather than valuing turmeric’s potent health benefits like supporting a positive inflammation response.

What this also speaks to is just how powerful and influential the name of a brand can be. In the same way that TumericALIVE threw me for a loop, Temple Turmeric has great potential to have the opposite effect. By seeing the word “temple” on the bottle, we might start asking different questions, such as “Why is temple on there?” and “What does a temple have to do with a juice?”

Hopefully, we’ll make the connection between a person’s body and something sacred – a temple – and treat it as such. Not only will this help us become more conscious about what kind of food we are putting into our bodies, we will probably realize that any product that is calling itself “temple” must be made with some pretty special ingredients as well.

And when they do their research about what’s actually inside of a Temple Turmeric drink, they’ll realize that this is absolutely the case.

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