Japanese Matcha Latte

After the chaos of the possible emotion and physical drain lingering from the holiday, we are bringing you a special treat. These cold and shorter days are perfect for a cup of hot tea and warm socks. Start your day with the extra energy boost from the matcha and the nourishment from the warm milk to help you sip into a place of calm and ease.

Japanese Matcha Latte, TumericALIVE

This recipe is so simple and will take less than 5 minutes! Give it a go first thing in the morning or use it as a perfect pick me up to get through the day.

For one matcha latte you will need

-3/4 cup nut, seed or grass-fed milk

-1 tsp stone ground matcha powder

Coconut nectar/coconut sugar to taste

Bring your milk to a soft simmer in a sauce pan. Whisk in the matcha along with 1/4 of almost boiling water. Whisk together and sweeten to taste! Bonus points if you can decorate with a beautiful design in the milk, if you can, please share so we can all see!

Let cool and enjoy.

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