Not All Fat Is Bad Fat: Meet Healthy Fat Coconut

Coconut is Good Fat | Temple Turmeric

Coconut is Good Fat | Temple Turmeric

The word is out: not all fat is bad fat.

Coconut is Good Fat  | Temple Turmeric

Avocados have taken the stand in the good fats arena and we applaud for it’s creamy taste and texture. But now coconut fat is here to steal the stage. More diverse than the avocado, coconut oil can be used to replace butter in sauteing and in every home beauty remedy from deep skin nourishment to hair revival.

The Science


Scientifically, coconut oil is high in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are easier to be broken down and metabolize. Although coconut oil is still defined as a saturated fat, we can feel a little better when we use it as a substitute in our cooking because of its vegetation origins. Making a veggie stir fry, for example, with coconut oil is easy, and because of the MCFAs can help balance metabolism (1).

Portion Control

Feeling ravenous at lunch? Portion control is a major contributor to maintaining a healthy weight and eating habits. Eating fats “actually slow down your food absorption so that you can go longer without feeling hungry” (2). Things like yogurt with “low fat” may actually contribute to overeating (3). A helping of coconut meat or spoonful of coconut fat (like coconut oil or coconut butter) may help you dodge the munchies and rid temptation for second helpings.


While studies still have not proven a dramatic difference between coconut oil and other saturated fats in relation to raising or lowering cholesterol, it cannot be ignored that the plant-based fat has been proving itself worthy of earning a place on your shelf.




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