Potassium- The Mineral Athletes Need

Everyone knows to grab a banana after a hard workout, but why? The answer is potassium.

Potassium is a mineral that is crucial in the muscle recovery process. Paired with sodium, potassium balances the electrolytic levels in the body, regulates your heartbeat, and is crucial in the muscle recovery process. It works in a system called the sodium-potassium pump.


The sodium-potassium pump works throughout all your cells to keep your body running. Although we won’t get into the science here, the basic premise of this pump is: you have sodium outside your cells and potassium inside. This concentration difference causes the sodium to try to get in and the potassium to try to leave.

After you workout, you have more potassium on the outside on the cell! This causes muscle cramps and is the reason why potassium is so important for muscle recovery. By ingesting extra potassium, you are helping your body stabilize once more.
Potassium deficiency can even cause you to get muscle weakness, cramps and spasms from everyday activities!

One bottle of TumericALIVE has 600mg potassium compared to 450mg potassium that an average banana has. So drink up and work out!

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