The truth behind sugar is frightening. Its actually really awful. Sugar will not only lead to weight gain, energy spikes and debilitating crashes, low vibe, but it will accelerate aging by drawing collagen from your skin. It messes with your sleep cycle, causes anxiety, depression and runs interference with our hormonal cycles. These are some

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October may be coming to a close but we are still very much celebrating Non-GMO month. The Non-GMO project, which launched in 2007, is essentially advocating for our right to know what is in our food. Genetically modified ingredients have been placed under mandatory labeling laws in countries around the world including Australia and the

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Pure Prana Drink it: Know those handy energy shots? You can get a healthier energy boost without overloading your body with crash-and-burn caffeine, thanks to the brand new Pure Prana shots. The superstar of this natural blend is organic holy basil, one of the most sacred herbs from India’s ayurvedic tradition. The herbal blend helps

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