Tumeric is an Age Defying Secret from Christie Brinkley

Staying young has never looked easier. This week, Christie Brinkley graced the cover of People Magazine looking better than most people in their 30’s (sorry, but it’s true). The magazine caught up with her to get an inside look at some of the things she does on a daily basis to stay looking young.


Aside from exfoliating daily (we like this a lot, especially in the winter), working out regularly to build muscle and stay limber, she credits eating three square meals and snacking smart for looking the way she does. One of Chrisite’s secret weapons for an all-natural, organic energy boost? TumericALIVE’s PurePRANA energy shot. 


PurePRANA is a 3oz concentrate, housing 15 grams of organic cold pressed turmeric. Combined with coconut oil and black pepper to increase your body’s absorption of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, and the Ayurvedic herbs Tulsi and Ashwaganda. A small touch of Yerba mate rounds this out to be the healthiest, most energizing shot that will increase athletic performance and balance the body. 

If Christie Brinkley is any indication of the power of movement and a healthy diet, we can stay young forever.

What are you favorite ways to stay feeling young?

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