Tumeric Matcha Madness!

We are ecstatic to announce that this past weekend marked the official launch of our Japanese Matcha elixir in stores. For the next month, the matcha elixir will be sold exclusively in Whole Foods Markets and online! Trust us, if you have yet purchased a bottle online and enjoyed it, you are going to want to run to your local Whole Foods and grab a bottle.


It’s about the way it makes you feel. Due to the astonishing health benefits of the green powder, it’s no surprise that it can cause an open mind, a clear focused energy boost, and a general sense of well being. We incorporate the matcha in its purest form into our elixir, ensuring that all the delicate flavor notes and vitamins are preserved (versus lost during the cooking process if pasteurized). Mixed with our organic turmeric, this superfood fills you with its powerhouse benefits, and who knows… maybe even leaving you standing a little bit taller!

The secret behind the benefits of the tea is found by understanding the attention to detail and respect that is given when harvesting the leaves. In Japan, only a few dozen farmers are knownto possess the knowledge needed to properly grow the tea. We use only ceremonial-grade matcha tea: shade grown for 30 days (industry standard is 20 days) in layers, ultimately resulting in growing with only 3% light. By blocking sunlight, leaves are given time to grow slowly, resulting in a higher level of Chlorophyll. The extremely high levels of Chlorophyll give the tea its vibrant color while supporting blood activity and detoxification. Although not scientifically proven, matcha is known to support the body’s ability to flush out toxins, heavy metals, and hormone disrupters. As an added incentive to start sipping, green tea in general is believed to support weight loss.

Since you’ll be cleaning your blood and burning more calories while you do nothing, you will need an incredible muffin to bake on Columbus Day. This recipe comes from GrokGrub and is made with almond flour and olive oil! These little green bites are basically a salad. Just kidding, we wish. But they are Paleo, high in protein, and filled with so much matcha goodness. Enjoy! Full recipe right this way


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