TumericALIVE and Natural Sweeteners

The truth behind sugar is frightening. Its actually really awful. Sugar will not only lead to weight gain, energy spikes and debilitating crashes, low vibe, but it will accelerate aging by drawing collagen from your skin. It messes with your sleep cycle, causes anxiety, depression and runs interference with our hormonal cycles. These are some serious problems to face for a fleeting moment of false pleasure or energy. The truth is that sugar, including organic cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup are found in a majority of the processed foods sold on the shelves. Even organic and “all natural” packaged goods, including bars, teas, juices and granolas are loaded with them. What may seem like a healthy choice next to a Power Bar is also still feeding your body unnecessary sugar and taking you away from functioning at an optimal level.

The less sugar you eat the better you will feel. Its simple but very difficult for a generation who has been spoon fed sugar in all its glorious forms for so many years. Our palates and our bodies may have gotten so used to craving sugar and relying on it for that 3pm energy slump that withdrawal symptoms are common. After a few days or weeks the feeling of returning to whole foods and switching to completely natural sweeteners, going back to cane sugar seems impossible.

Lets be honest, we all crave something sweet from time to time and frankly TumericALIVE elixirs wouldn’t be as well rounded without a touch of natural sweetness. At events, I often get asked if we use Stevia or Aspartame to sweeten our drinks. To this, I almost always respond in a complete state of shock and surprise because we could never imagine feeding you a healing beverage with something that would add to illness and health complications. Turmeric is very bitter on its own and we have found the highest vibe sweeteners that will actually contribute to your health.

Below are the only sweeteners we use and the reasons why.


We use a beautiful organic honey from upstate New York, it’s never heated above 105 degrees to ensure that the delicate health benefits are retained. We started using honey in our Original Elixir and have since then used honey to sweeten our Japanese Matcha and Vanilla Bean Elixir. Honey is lauded for its ability to scrub away impurities from the body and serve as an antibacterial, antimicrobial powerhouse to give our immune system a much needed boost.

Coconut Nectar

This is the next big thing in natural sweeteners. While we are familiar with coconut oil and coconut sugar for all their benefits, the nectar is a well kept secret. Coconut Nectar is the sap that comes from the coconut blossom tree, think Maple Syrup without all the processing, that is naturally sweet and nutritionally dense. Temperatures never exceed that of a typical tropical day so you never have to worry about heat compromising the enzymatic availability. Coconut nectar has 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad spectrum B vitamins, a neutral ph (because you know how much we love an alkalizing diet) and a very low glycemic index so you’ll never be sent into a cycle of spikes and crashes.


While agave may be a topic of hot debate lately, it is worth addressing the fact that while some agave may be highly processed and dangerous for your blood sugar level, other varieties may be very healing. It is easy to get worried about agave but it is all about choices especially when considering that 40% of the honey sold in the grocery stores in the U.S isn’t really honey. This vegan alternative to honey is not evil, coming from the agave plant native to the Southern and Western parts of the country, the syrup extracted from the cactus looking plant is a desirable low glycemic option that is highly sweet and satisfying. The Aztecs used agave to heal wounds because its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties ages ago. Inulin, naturally found in agave, is associated with lowering cholesterol and increasing absorption of nutrients.

Its important to be extra critical when reading labels. Artificial sugars and sweeteners can sneak their way into packaged food and drink under names you may not even be familiar with or comfortable pronouncing. When this happens, double check if this is something you want your body to be attempting to digest. We are very careful in what goes into our elixirs and provide only the highest, most innovative formulations designed to help you function at a higher level.

What is your favorite sweetener? We would love to know how you’re experience has been giving up sugar or making the switch to only natural sweetened products.


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