TumericALIVE- Meet Our Farmers

Shocking news came out this week when ABC News reported that the FDA has cracked down on a recent import of turmeric powder. Spices and herbs are mostly imported into the United States with little to no regulation or labeling requirements. Action was taken recently when turmeric powder coming from Bangladesh was found to be contaminated with led. In addition, more than 1/3 of that product was found to also contain salmonella. We hope that this incident will lead to more regulation and oversight for labeling and quality control when it comes to things we are consuming.

At TumericALIVE we source only the HIGHEST quality organic, non-GMO, domestic, family farmed turmeric. This means 100% traceability to the soil and 100% transparency from our farmers. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you may have recently met  one of our farmers. We receive regular updates from our family there showing us our newest harvest. In each and every elixir we use ONLY raw, turmeric root. No powder, no fillers, no lead. Ever.


(Elvie and the latest turmeric harvest)

It is our commitment to you and the quality of our drink to be as open with you as we can. We love our famers and the turmeric root they farm with love (and other ingredients of course) is the best you can find and we will never compromise on that. 

On that note, meet our farmers, admire the beauty that is turmeric and open up your favorite elixir with confidence and trust.


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