Turmeric for Detoxification

Last week TumericALIVE attended an exciting raw food event in the Bay Area: LIVE STRONG, a community health fair for detoxification. With the accumulation of toxins from a modern environment, detoxification treatments have risen in popularity as a medical necessity when the body’s natural detoxification systems become overwhelmed. (The chronic effects of improper diet, stress, sedentary lifestyles, unrelated illness, substance abuse, chemicals, pollutants and food additives can all have this effect!) TumericALIVE’s elixirs are part of a detoxification process due to the amazing properties of turmeric (15 grams of cold-pressed organic turmeric in each bottle!) so we were excited to participate in this gathering of raw foodies exploring the potential of natural healing. We knew we were in the right place as soon as we arrived: look what was painted on the side of a truck in front!

Turmeric is SuperfoodAt the back of the event was a fully-functioning raw pop-up kitchen. We’re always interested in strategies for healthy eating here at TumericALIVE, and the menu being prepared for the guests at the event was a great primer in raw foods preparation.  We were stocking the only turmeric in the house, but maybe next time they’ll work it into something like turmeric cheesecake bites? The raw key lime pie that was featured was adorable… if this helps with detoxification, sign us up.

raw food key lime pieThe raw food deliciousness didn’t stop there. The hues and textures of raw foods are amazing! Even in the low light of the room (the beautiful Rudramandir Center for Spirituality and Healing, if you’re wondering) the plates of raw food detoxification utilized nuts, seeds and vegetables to the height of their capacity.

Raw Food Plate - TumericALIVEColorful appetizers… and of course, raw food smoothies. In the mood for more smoothie goodness featuring turmeric?

Raw Food Smoothie - TurmericALIVE The event was a success, with learning about raw foods for detoxification… and turmeric for detoxification! We had plenty of opportunities to introduce the turmeric as a superfood to eager attendees at our table:

Raw Turmeric Table - TumericALIVETo all raw food fans, we hope to see you at events in the Bay Area and nationwide to give you a taste of the power of turmeric for detoxification. Enjoy the journey!

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