Turmeric & Kale Smoothie Round Up

In honor of National Kale Day, we got inspired with our blenders and whipped up some cool and refreshing blends that left us shining from the inside. Sure, we may have eaten kale a bit more than usual, but for us everyday is kale day. #hailthekale

As much as we love juices, we like to blend to make sure we are getting all the fiber we need, which is important when replacing a meal. We had almost said goodbye to green smoothies for the fall just as Indian summer rolled around and we are back to 80 degree weather, leaving us craving coolness.

Check out this weeks top picks for turmeric and kale recipes that vary in flavor.

kale-roundupClockwise from left Fruity Kale, Turmeric Kale Protein, Healing Blend

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