We’re Non-GMO Verified + Coupon Code


October may be coming to a close but we are still very much celebrating Non-GMO month. The Non-GMO project, which launched in 2007, is essentially advocating for our right to know what is in our food. Genetically modified ingredients have been placed under mandatory labeling laws in countries around the world including Australia and the European Union. Mexico went as far as banning the harvest of genetically engineered corn and ruled in court that GMO’s are an imminent threat to health. Mandatory labeling products that contain GMO’s would allow us to make better choices and hopefully push more companies to label “Non-GMO” instead.

With the growing evidence of the environmental degradation and potential impact GMO’s may have on health, it is important to continue to spread awareness and be informed about the decisions we make when it comes to the food we feed ourselves and our families. The Non-GMO verified products have grown in availability and generated over $3.5 million in sales a year. Using our purchasing power to support Non-GMO verified farms and products we directly contribute to the demand for clean food.

Recently, states such as Connecticut and Maine have made GMO labeling mandatory but it is time that the government place a nation wide regulation on the labeling of genetically engineered ingredients so that we, the people and the consumers, are fully informed about what we are ingesting and the potential risks that may be associated to that GMO corn fed chicken and cows.

The Non-GMO project has been celebrating and educating all month long with giveaways from Non-GMO verified brands and producing content to ensure that we all have ways of staying informed. We are thankful for the work that they have done and are proud to stand behind the project. All our products are Non-GMO verified and are farms grow our ingredients the way that nature intended. No funny business or chemicals, ever. Transparency with our ingredients and our quality is so important to us. We work family farms not big conglomerates to make sure you and your family get the most benefit and healing from each handcrafted product.

Continue the celebration and get 15% off at our online store with the code “NonGMO” and use your purchasing power wisely!


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