Millions of Americans bike every day, but only a few cycle professionally. We recently sat down with Lexie Millard, a professional cyclist for Team Iluminate, to learn how she became one of the few female professional riders in the country and her advice on tackling a challenging race and reducing inflammation after a long ride.

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As we approach International Day of Yoga, we sat down with long-time yoga instructor Matt Giordano to learn more about practicing yoga, how turmeric recovery works for him, and what inspires him every day. Matt’s Journey into Yoga Matt has been practicing yoga for ten years. Matt was drawn to yoga by his high school art

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“Understanding is the fruit of looking deeply.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Every dawn I awake to stillness and a place of serenity. Since immersing myself in the ancient practices of Ayurveda, “The Science of Life,” everything I believed about my well-being has shifted. Instead of speeding and muscling through my days, I’ve learned to tap

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