10 Ways to Glow Everyday

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon on the mat with Fern and Sarah. These two ladies are revolutionizing health and wellness, they are living it. It is easy to be “healthy” and trendy but finding individuals who embody this lifestyle to the fullest and radiate glowing energy from the inside is rare. Seeing them sparkle and feeling their energy, we had to get the scoop on what they do and how they manage to stay balanced, centered and thriving in this crazy concrete jungle.


From Sarah and Fern:

While studying under some of the world’s brightest minds in the world of health and wellness, we have discovered that there are certain ‘staples’ of successful healthy living. 

Here is our list of the top 10 things we do to thrive.


Drinking cold-pressed, raw, organic juice is one of the best things we do daily to give our bodies the nutrition that we need to heal. It also makes it much easier to get our recommended servings of fresh produce without eating pounds of kale and broccoli.


Unlike juicing, blending soups and smoothies uses the entire fruit or vegetable – including the skin and all the fiber. The blending process breaks the fiber apart, which makes the fruit and vegetables easier for the body to digest and the nutrients easier to absorb.


Living foods are high-enzyme, chlorophyll-rich and easy to digest foods from which our bodies can easily receive optimal nourishment. Living foods include young organic greens, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains, fruits and vegetables, lightly fermented preparations and dehydrated crackers and snacks. Adding these too our diets is a very important component of healthy living.


Adopting a back-to-nature diet of raw foods is extremely important to the healing process. Raw foods that are prepared correctly (to maintain or unlock their life-giving nutrients) are high in enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the body needs AND are so much more nutritious than cooked foods!


Wheatgrass is truly nature’s finest medicine. It contains an impressive array of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. This nutrient content is significant because the human body is made up of similar components. Wheatgrass helps regulate all our bodily functions and balances the body naturally.


The colon is the body’s major organ for elimination, so when our colon is not functioning optimally, we are more prone to illness. Many doctors we have worked with have informed us that disease begins in the colon. Cleansing the colon through cleanses, enemas, colonics and/or the proper fiber intake is key to preventing sickness.


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the body while also positively affecting our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. Using Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils on a daily basis can have tremendous healing benefits.


Jumping in place daily on a rebounder (a small personal ‘mini-trampoline’) is a great way to exercise because it supports lymphatic circulation. Stimulating the lymphatic system is extremely important in detoxifying and cleansing the body. Rebounding puts gravity to work with minimum muscular effort!


Committing to a meditation or yoga practice is very important, as it helps to reprogram our thoughts and our deep subconscious. We’ve learned that without a doubt, shifting the way we think and reprogramming our subconscious minds is the most important thing we can do when facing any health challenge.

Thoughts become things; therefore, our bodies may become sick without a mind that is focused on health and happiness. It is very important to stay focused on positive thinking and having joyful experiences.

Simply put, mindfulness is simply becoming aware of what we are putting in and on our body, what is in our environment, what stress we are under and who we choose to surround ourselves with. Working on incorporating these simple steps into our lifestyle has made a huge impact in our healing and we strongly believe they will for you, too. These rituals soon become second nature.

So, we will leave you with this: we encourage you to stop waiting for the government to step in with new standards or for the medical industry to discover ‘cures’.

There is now even more scientific evidence supporting the idea that with the proper diet, supplements and lifestyle adjustments, healing can take place from the inside out.

We have the great opportunity to be the change-makers. Lead by example and take responsibility your own health and happiness.

And most importantly never, never, never give up. We believe in you.

 Written by: Sarah Anne Stewart + Fern Langham

Connect with both us at: Bliss Out Retreats

Bio for Sarah Anne Stewart:

Sarah Anne brings her down-to-earth ‘wellness’ wisdom all the way from the Midwest.  When her father cured cancer with alternative medicine, the experience sparked a light inside her that never was put out. Twelve years and hundreds of hours of training later, Sarah is now based in NYC, where she founded Introducing Wellness LLC and co-founded Bliss Out Retreats. As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), she coaches clients to let go of their inhibitions and dig deep—really deep. Equal parts fun and get-down-to-business, her coaching is focused on developing a unique mindset that embodies a lifestyle that is focused entirely on “wellness.” Sarah is best known for creating an exhilarating atmosphere where she guides her clients on their own inspirational journey towards self-empowerment. Her contagious smile and graceful demeanor are central to her one-on-one coaching, events, workshops, speeches and retreats. Her unparalleled zest for life and free spirit are further exemplified through her love for worldly travels, culinary adventures and inspirational writing. Connect with her at: Introducing Wellness,  Bliss Out Retreats, Link up on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram

Bio for Fern Langham:

Fern is a registered Yoga instructor, wellness and lifestyle coach, writer, speaker and self-love advocate. Fern’s mission is to inspire you to become aware of your movement and breath as you relieve stress, increase flexibility, build strength and balance, and become more at ease on and off your yoga mat. As she has done with her own body, Fern aims to empower you with the tools you need to heal what ails you – whether that might be anxiety, high blood pressure, poor digestion, weak immunity, a thyroid condition, adrenal fatigue, or low energy. Her approach to yoga is nurturing and playful, with a strong attention to the body and breath.

Fern has worked extensively with a team of yoga instructors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and integrative doctors, all who have all provided her with in-depth knowledge that has revolutionized her lifestyle. After years of struggling with undiagnosed food allergies, digestive issues, an autoimmune thyroid condition, and nutrition deficiencies, she is finally glowing. Fern’s passion is to help you find your glow too.

Connect with her  Yoga With FernFacebookTwitterInstagram. Bliss out on an all-inclusive wellness and yoga retreat at Bliss Out Retreats


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