15 Gifts that Give Good this Holiday

By Lindsey Bro

The holidays can be a wasteful season, but with a little inspired hunting, there’s no reason your gifts for him, her, mom, dad, boss, and best friend can’t hit the trifecta of Do Good / Look Good / Are Good, too.

Below are our 15 picks for sites and brands that somehow give back to socially responsible endeavors all year round (not just during these tides of yule). We’ve got small gifts, big brands (500+ options), home décor, fashion, jewelry, and all sorts in-between so grab a drink and get your shop on.

A campaign to end human trafficking through prevention, protection, partnerships and prosecution. Buy a bracelet, shirt, tote, necklace, or educational program to help support the cause.

A21 bracelet via TumericALIVE

ASOS Africa
A high-end e-boutique, ASOS donates a portion of every purchase to local communities in East Africa, promoting the growth and empowerment of artisans and communities.

asos africa

Canvas Home
Modern, fair-trade and sustainable home goods featuring accent pieces, kitchenware, furniture, and textiles. They’ve partnered with non-profits like Aid to Artisans, Creative Learning and Housing Works to feature the beauty of handcrafted objects made by artisans. Their style’s sustainable, simple and inspired by natural goods.

canvas home via TumericALIVE

An LA based fashion line that wants to change the way you shop. Every dollar goes toward the education, employment, and social responsibility of men and women in Ghana, West Africa. They have travel bags, headbands, computer cases, and purses made from traditional West African textiles.

della la via TumericALIVE

Falling Whistles
Selling whistles for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Falling Whistles is working to create a social development fund that invests in Congolese entrepreneurs.

falling whistles

The Givve Collection
An aggregate site that features 500+ exclusively charitable fashion products that support over 150 causes. Shop by charity, cause, or product to give a little.

givve collection via TumericALIVE

Global Goods Partners
With over forty partners in twenty countries, Global Goods Partners is dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice. They believe in fair trade goods, handmade products, and microfinancing to help empower (and employ) over 3,000 women abroad. Their site sells everything from jewelry to accessories, home goods, family needs, small gifts, wholesale and custom orders.

global goods partners via TumericALIVE

Krochet Kids
Every product they make is signed by the person who made it, empowering over 150 people in Uganda and Peru. Focused on creating products that provide not only employment but empowerment, Krochet Kids believe in a line of transparency and sustainable replication for women (and communities) they work with.

krochet kids via TumericALIVE

Olive + Piper
Affordable jewelry that doesn’t skimp on sparkle. Olive + Piper donate 15% of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

olive and piper via TumericALIVE

Sari-inspired loungewear trousers made by women who have escaped human trafficking. Holistic aftercare includes medical care, emotional support, education and tools to create a new life for women and their children.

punjammies via TumericALIVE

Shea Yeleen
High quality, organic, fair trade skin care products that empower women through microfinancing initiatives that support shea butter cooperatives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Shea Yeleen via TumericALIVE


Vaalbara Designs
Handmade in Venice, California, these unique and vibrant bags are environmentally and socially conscious clutches made with premium materials that support the Surfrider Foundation.

vaalbara designs via TumericALIVE

Warby Parker
Started by friends who were tired of overpriced eyewear, Warby Parker features affordable but still completely cool frames for anyone in the market. Their model is based on a one-for-one idea that allows them to donate a percentage of sales to their nonprofit partners.

warby parker via TumericALIVE

Westward Leaning
Each pair of sunnies feature a little accent piece to celebrate a human achievement. The pieces are dedicated to a specific social cause, benefitting charities and education programs that correlate with that cause.

westward leaning via TumericALIVE

Yellow 108
Based in Long Beach, California, this brand makes their line of sunnies, hats, and homegoods completely from salvaged and recycled materials. A percentage of their proceeds benefits their local non-profit, The Global Creative – an education program that inspires creativity.

yellow 108 via TumericALIVE


Good tidings!

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