4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Beat the Winter Blues with TumericALIVE

The change of season knocked me back like a gust of wind last week. I woke up with a scratch in the back of my throat.

White and crackled were the webbing of my hands and elbow skin. My feet were cold. My lips were chapped.

Major shifts tend to roll in like ocean tides — subtle until suddenly undeniable. Ideally, we adapt gracefully, modifying diet and personal care habits to account for the airiness of autumn, the cold, dry of wintertime.

The uncomfortable physical symptoms that inevitably arise are the alert system of our innate intelligence, asking us to take notice of our disharmony and adjust accordingly. When the carrot of radiant health is not enough, we discover the stick of sickness.

My first move that morning was to the humidifier: Though Colorado is relatively dry all year round, winter knows dryness of an elevated degree. Adding essential oils—such as tea tree, eucalyptus or peppermint—to the humidifier is an excellent way to disperse these purifying influences throughout the room.

The humidifier adds water to the air around me. A big cup of room temperature water with fresh-squeezed lemon, or better yet, an original TumericALIVE elixir hydrates and alkalizes within. All that’s left is the precious skin delineating inner and outer.

Sealing moisture into the body: Hoping to seal as much moisture into my body as possible, I follow the advice of Ayurvedic specialist Nancy Lonsdorf, MD,  and rub a bit of oil into my skin before showering. Having delicate skin and enjoying hot-hot water as I do, the addition of olive or coconut oil is, in my experience, a supremely soothing influence.

Seeking maximum efficiency in nourishing my one precious body, I shower with a mouthful of sesame oil: Practicing the Ayurvedic technique oil pulling, this pleasing activity is an essential tool for maintaining overall dental health, as it pulls toxins from the gums and removes stains from teeth.

Clean and moisturized, I turn to the herbs: Tea is the preferred form of intake on these chill autumn mornings, and the preferred herb is Tulsi-Holy Basil. According to Organic India, Tulsi “is revered as a sacred plant infused with healing power[s]… that support the body’s natural immune system while relieving the body’s negative reaction to stress.”

Hot tulsi tea? Yes, please. A dollop of raw honey? I’m feeling healed already.

I was lucky this day to be afforded the luxury of a slow morning, to recognize my dis-ease and take steps to soothe myself. Of course, many days are rather less gentle than this. On those mornings, a shot of TumericALIVE’s PurePRANA feels life-saving.

This potent 3oz elixir holds hefty doses of turmeric, ginger, tulsi-holy basil and ashwagandha, all steeped in yerba maté and combined with spices that activate and enhance absorption of the principle herbs. The invigorating Prana shot provides sustained energy and catalyzes balance in the vital systems of the body.

Better than any particular date on a solar calendar, our bodies measure the change of season. A moment or two of tuning in to this intelligence each day offers access to immensely valuable information. Such mindfulness, plus the possession of a few fundamental ingredients—organic oils, herbs and spices—has the potential to enhance our individual wellness to no end.

When each person is healthy, we as a people are healthy.

There are as many healing practices as there are people in need of healing. I hope this description of some foundational practices and products will inspire you to search for that which facilitates your own state of optimum health.

Until next time, be well, play safe, and keep breathing.

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