5 Ways to Reset after Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday hit the streets of NYC hard this weekend. Evidenced by Superbowl boulevard in Times Square (we admit, we avoided this place at all costs- pictures were more than enough), overly excited jersey wearing fans on the streets and NFL players and celebrities filled out some of our favorite bars and restaurants.  With all the excitement and social engagements that are attached to this yearly event, traditions might lead us to drinking more beer and cocktails than green juice and indulging in one too many chicken wings (if you’re into that). 


Either way, the day after the Superbowl also happens to be a Monday, which brings a whole list of other concerns to our minds. We want to get you out of bed and through the door feeling good, energized and hang-over free.

Here are 5 tips and tricks we’ve learned throughout the years that help undo any post-superfun-superbowl-weekend activities.

 1. Drink water. Then more water.

Alcohol and chips dehydrate your body. Alcohol is a diuretic and chances are if you are boozing, you are not so focused on water intake. Change that- double your water consumption and always end a night or day of drinking with a tall glass of water. Drink about 3 liters of water the day after drinking as well.

2. Start your day with warm water and lemon.

This will help neutralize the pH in your stomach, get your digestive system back on track, and start eliminating some of those toxins you ingested. 

3. Eat a simple, nourishing breakfast.

It can be really tempting to take the same advice you’ve hear for years and start the day with a greasy bacon, egg and cheese followed with a sugary sports drink. Do your body a kind favor and replace that with a gentle meal- eggs on gluten-free, sprouted toast with avocado is a great option. This will give you energy for the day.

 4. Sweat

Don’t listen to the call of your couch and hit the gym, yoga studio, boxing class, whatever it is that gets you going. Sweating will do wonders for eliminating toxins and raising your energy levels.

5. Practice self love

It’s all to easy to beat yourself for drinking that second (or third) beer, giving into the guac and skipping the gym. We can switch the conversation; instead of focusing on the calories or your headache, revel in the laughs you shared, the experiences you had, and the friends you made. Realizing life is about balance will free you from the chains of negative thoughts that make you feel worse than any amount of alcohol could. 

What are your favorite ways to recover after a weekend of fun?

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