5 Ways to Stay Balanced in Kapha Season with Ayurveda

TumericALIVE is rooted in Ayurveda, both literally and figuratively. The recipe of our original recipe comes from the sister science of yoga and has been used (in slightly different preparations) for thousands of years. We incorporate incredibly healing Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi and Ashwagandha and we like to keep our dosha’s balanced to stay grounded. Rarely do we talk about Ayurveda, what it is and how it can help us deal with modern day life through an ancient lens. 
To help us navigate through the Kapha season which just began is Jessa Messina, founder or Yoga for the Average Joe .  As the seasons change, so do our physical and mental needs. Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, can help you make diet and lifestyle choices that keep you feeling energized and grounded as the seasons changes.  Ayurveda divides the seasons into three categories called doshas. Each dosha is an energy body with it’s own set of characteristics, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
The season we are entering into now is called kapha. Kapha starts in late winter and goes through the beginning of spring. The elements that make up this dosha are water and earth. When the two are combined, you get mud and if you were standing in mud, you would feel a little stuck.  When Kapha is out of balance that is exactly how you can feel. You might also experience allergies, colds, depression nor sluggishness, or feelings of unforgivness. When we follow the guidelines, Kapha comes bearing gifts. When in balance this season holds the qualities of stability, strength, endurance, loyalty, a sense of tranquility and acceptance .
Here are 5 habits that can keep you more in balance for the season:
1.  If you aren’t exercising this is a great time to add a little cardio or push yourself more if you are feeling sluggish
2. Stick to more light meals and avoid heavy fatty foods.
3. Avoid being out in cold damp weather.
4. Don’t let clutter start to accumulate and throw away things are you holding onto that no longer serve you.
5. Skip the mid-afternoon naps.
Stay balanced and enjoy the season!
More about Jessa: A former Equinox Trainer of the Year and a yoga instructor since 2006, Jessa Messina‘s goal is to share the age-old lessons of yoga with a fun, attainable approach so that all may enjoy. She is also the creator of Yoga for the Average Jo (YOJO).  Yoga for the Average Jo is designed to bring  “non” yoga people who swear the mat is not for them into the world of down dogs and body awareness, while also serving the modern-day Yogi.  She has been featured in Esquire, Huffington Post, NearSay and Metro for her fresh approach to the practice and also for her all men’s yoga program, which she has coined “Yobro.”

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