6 Crystals to Energize Your Space This Spring

6 Crystals to Energize Your Space This Spring

6 Crystals to Energize Your Space This Spring

Gathered from the Earth, each gem and crystal is unique and wields its energy from year after year of exposure to the elements. The healing qualities of crystals are known to be wide and diverse, they help to positively shift the energy of a space or ones chakras.

As we are in the midst of Spring, there is no better time to cleanse your space both of clutter and negativity. Why not brighten and energize it with crystals, because we can all use a little help whenever we can get it.

6 Crystals to Energize Your Space This Spring

Here are six crystals and their benefits to start your “spring cleaning” off right. We recommend placing them on your shelves, tables, work desk or even near your bed for maximum benefits.


Known to bring calm and grounding energy, the Amethyst cleanses the spirit, stimulates and balances yin and yang energies. Bring this violet variety of quartz into your home to clear negativity and bring protection.

Black Tourmaline

This is a stone of spiritual consciousness, helping to ground and encourage emotional clarity. With hectic schedules and families sometimes finding a time and space to re-balance is just what is needed. Place this stone at your feet during meditation or yoga practice to help negative energy exit the body.


Ranging in color from yellow to brown, Citrine (another form of quartz) is cloudy or clear in consistency. Just as the sun can regenerate and improve your mood, so can this gemstone. Keep it next to a window, it will capture the light and nurture your creative heart.


Emeralds are well known as a birthstone but what some may not know is that they’re also associated to renewal and growth. Emeralds have an amazing ability to heal and promote balance between friends and partners — making your home, a happy home.


Coming in a variety of colors and known to change color with exposure to light, the Garnet stimulates the root chakra. Increasing the energy and health of those around it. Added bonus, this stone is suggested to bring more passion to the bedroom.

Smoky Quartz (Naturally Irradiated)

There are numerous varieties of quartz almost too many to count. One that stands apart is Smoky Quartz because it’s naturally irradiated. Irradiation gives it a special ability to balance the output of harmful energies from electrical equipment, like tvs, cell phones and computers. Place one by your tv at home or even better your computer at work.


There is no stopping you with the power of crystals at your side. Let in positivity, keep an open mind, and allow your heart to expand endlessly.

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