Get Over the Winter and Pack Your Bags

Winter Blues? Imagine waking up this everyday…


We feel you. This winter has been rough and the polar vortex seems to lingering longer than we would like but there is no doubt in our minds that having something to look forward to would help the next six weeks go by a bit faster. Research has actually proven that the excitement surrounding the planning of a trip brings more happiness than the trip itself. It’s that aspect of anticipation, the thrill, the getting everything ready that gets you through your days and into the gym or on the mat (am I right?). 

If you are looking at your calendar, dreading the months of winter that we have left, get your passport ready and pack your bags because there are some incredible retreats happening that we think will be worth every single penny. 

Retreats are basically heaven on earth. Somewhere in the jungle, close to the beach or sailing around the Caribbean, the scenery is incredible. Waking up in a beautiful place only gets better when your day is filled with hours of yoga, meditation, hiking, and sharing amazing meals (prepared for you) with other equally amazing people. No stress and nothing to focus on but your asana.

Some of our favorite picks with TumericALIVE Tastemakers that we are sure you will enjoy.


Meditation master Charlie Knoles will be leading a meditation and yoga intensive retreat in the heart of Costa Rica. Expect mind blowing stillness, adventures in the jungle and incredible cuisine. Bonus, kids are also welcome on this retreat and will be cared for during class.  Pack your bags and jet to Costa Rica February 18-22.

Been to Bali? Neither have I but its on my wish list. Pete G. Yoga from Yoga Tree San Francisco will be living the dream in Bali for 14 days. There are 3 different opportunities for you to sink into yoga heaven on a beachside resort between March 15-30. Quick, this is one is selling out.

Join Aaron Pichinson from Kula Yoga Project in New York City, for 7 days in Mexico. Daily yoga classes, walks in the jungle, and daily fresh and healthy meals await you on this beach front heaven. Head over to YogaScapes and start dream.

Spots are filling up quick, don’t wait around on this one.


Which one will you be jetting off to?

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