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lululemon Meatpacking District store out did themselves yesterday when they transformed the sample sale space in Chelsea Market into an all day sweat fest. Flows started early with Dana Trixie Flynn and Taryn Toomey and ended with a Brick Crossfit class with one too many lunges. Of course, TumericALIVE’s #yogainabottle was fueling the whole day helping participants get from Downdog to burpees.

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The real kicker wasn’t the Crossfit or the hundreds of push ups and chaturangas we did during the day, it was the moment of stillness, going within to get a clear idea of what we wanted for the future. Tracy Hutton flew in from lululemon HQ in Vancouver to school us on visions and goal setting. While she holds an appropriate business title and heads up leadership training, when asked what she does she responds “I give people the freedom to do what they love”.

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“Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”- Marianne Williamson

Huttons message is clear; leverage your strengths but don’t ignore your weaknesses. Forget being well-rounded, its overrated. Find your strength, develop them, master them and be extraordinary at what you are already naturally good at. Your strengths are those that leave you feeling strong, confident and make you come alive. By living in a place where you are only developing or bettering your weaknesses you will be living in a state of mediocrity. “Put attention on your strengths and you will get where you want to go”; you will find your dharma, your life’s purpose will be answered.

It is no longer the time for you to play it safe. It’s okay to fail. Its better to fail at your dharma than succeeding at someone else’s. Get to really know yourself, tap into what makes you feel alive and what drives you to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and a fire in your belly. The world needs that inner shine that was created for you to share with others.  

 lululemon is inspiring us all to rise  from mediocrity to greatness and Tracy shifted the room, she gave us permission to see our own brilliance and radiance to let it shine because we can no longer push aside our gifts for anyone else.

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