Making Your Body Feel Good: Matt Giordano on Yoga and Turmeric Recovery

As we approach International Day of Yoga, we sat down with long-time yoga instructor Matt Giordano to learn more about practicing yoga, how turmeric recovery works for him, and what inspires him every day.

Matt’s Journey into Yoga


Matt has been practicing yoga for ten years. Matt was drawn to yoga by his high school art teacher, who sparked a curiosity in him. She told Matt: “You are not allowed to say, ‘I can’t.’ You must rephrase to a question: ‘How?’”

That planted the seeds of Matt’s inquisitive and unrelenting spirit and inspired his eventual foray into the world of yoga. When combined with his passion for the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Turmeric Recovery and Yoga: a Mantra for Better Health

Matt’s devotion to yoga is simple—he practices it because it feels good. “My body feels better when I practice, my mind relaxes, and I feel ultimately more joyful from my practice.” What inspires Matt? “Nature. When I am in it, I realize just how much i am a part of it, and the desire to know it and myself brings me to my mat.”


After hitting the mat, Matt enjoys Temple Turmeric’s refreshing and light White Turmeric Detox raw vinegar drink. “I love the way it makes me feel from the inside out. Turmeric helps with digestion and muscle recovery, and as a result I feel better in my body and clearer in my mind.” In addition to drinking and enjoying the benefits of raw vinegars, Matt likes rounding out his healthy diet with roasted veggies and delicious meals made by his partner, Rebecca.


Want to Start Your Yoga Journey?

Inspired by Matt’s story, but never tried yoga? Matt has some tips for you. For the inexperienced, he recommends keeping it simple and suggests not to worry too much about the details—just find a class in your area and get started. “You do not need flexibility or strength, you probably don’t even need a yoga mat, as most studios have them. You do not need patience, or peace of mind. You don’t need specific clothing, just something comfortable. All that is truly needed is your willingness to find a class and go to it.”

Ready to get started? Check out this video where Matt teaches the key to all arm balances. Enjoy.

Photo credits: Matt Giordano

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