New York Fashion Week Comes Alive


New York Fashion Week is in full swing here in the city that never sleeps. Between all the shows, after parties and business meetings, this one week can take a major toll on ones health. We think of the major editors and the bloggers who attend all the shows and spend the whole week living, breathing and (not) eating fashion. But do we consider the grueling schedules the models are living? We caught up with some gorgeous beauties backstage at the Diego Binetti show to give them some natural energy and rejuvenation. 


Early morning call times were made easier with Japanese Matcha. We got to see first hand how much effort goes into the preparation for a single show. Between the hair, nails and make up (this show proudly used Obsessive Compulsive which cruelty free and vegan!), these women have long mornings and several shows in a day to stay healthy for. Many models do more than one show in a day for seven days.

1604784_811956108821877_1278972731_nThe models, the make up artists and hair dressers all felt more energized, awakened and cleansed. Thank you to everyone for being s adventurous and trying this spicy elixir with openness. We enjoyed our time behind the scenes and are grateful to be able to provide a clean, natural, transformational beverage to the fashion world.


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