Pangea Organics makes Clean Skincare A Breeze

When Elena Brower invited us to join her for a Pangea Organics Skincare party, we couldn’t say no. Spending the afternoon with around 30 other ladies, we tested some of the products in the line giving ourselves a good clean, toning, and exfoliating face masks; everyone was glowing. Besides introducing us to the amazing line of products they are creating, Elena, as a beauty ecologist, was passionate about the causes behind the brand.


It feels like sometimes we forget that our skin is our biggest organ and what we put on it is directly absorbed into our skin. After coming across this infographic on MindBodyGreen, it was shocking to realize that on a typical day, women can put up 515 chemicals into their body. Some of those chemicals have the possible side effects of hormonal disruptions, irritation, headaches, suspected links to cancers, fertility issues and interference to the immune system, just to name a few. These are found in products we use daily from shampoo and eye shadow to deodorant and body lotion. Spreading awareness about the harmful chemicals that surround us can empower us to make simple switches that will truly make a difference in the way you feel.

If you’ve tried to make the switch to more natural products, you may have been disappointed with the results. For example, deodorant? Some can actually make you smell worse (its true, it happened to me), finding the right product is tough and requires some trial error, it will also definitely be more expensive than your typical drug store buy because it is quality and made from real ingredients. (There is a great article from BirchBox written by Melisse Gelula, of Well & Good NYC, for more tips on making the switch). But this is something to truly splurge on. Pangea Organics is an experience; it smells heavenly, goes on smooth and literally leaves you glowing after the first use. Making Pangea Organics part of your daily routine will make you feel good about the ingredients going into your body how your using your purchasing power to create something much bigger. By incorporating Pangea into your life, you also support sustainable organic agriculture, fair trade sourcing, and the use of renewable and recycled energies. Elena was very passionate about Jonathan, the founder of the brand and his vision of a world where consumers create such a demand for organic that other farmers would have no choice but to be organic.

It’s so important for us to be as discerning with the ingredient list of our skin care as we are with our food. We all know not to even think about putting something with ingredients we can’t pronounce anywhere near our mouth, but its time to realize that it’s just as important to be as picky for what we put on our body. The best part about this line is it’s utilizing the power of Earth. By using a blend of herbs and essential oils, all the goodness and healing properties of the living plant is maintained, the vitamins and minerals are kept their purest form to allow your body to reap all the benefits.
My favorite product was hands down the Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Face Mask, besides the fact that it sounds like a smoothie I would love to have for breakfast, it changed the way my skin looked and felt after a few minutes.

Japanese Matcha Facial Mask ($40)

Japanese Matcha Facial Mask Discovery Kits for all Skin Types ($40)

Discovery Kits for all Skin Types

The discovery kit would be a great place to start and see how the products work with your skin. I am going to get this because the sample sizes are always great to test out plus they are perfect for traveling. It comes with 5 products for a complete skin revitalizing routine.

These products make switching to organic skincare effortless. Let us know if you try the products, we’d love to know what you think!


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