So Long Sweet Summer

Labor Day is now behind us and while weekend getaways and BBQ’s that fade into the night with friends and family help pass the pain of a fading summer, its a season that is hard not too miss. Whether you need extra energy to recoup from the strenuous outdoor adventure or you indulged in that extra beer (or two, we’re not judging) the start of a new season is a great time to focus a little more time on yourself. Here are three ways to say goodbye to summer with a happier liver.

1)   Eat color! One of the most common things to do after a holiday weekend is to swear off food for days. In reality, many plants and vegetables can be healing and aid in any detoxification and resetting of the body you may be craving. Instead of stressing about what you’re not consuming, focus on getting in as much plant based goodness as you can. To speed things up a bit, check out CLEANSE’s list of top ten foods that burn fat.

2)   Flush it out! Drinking water is like taking a shower for your insides. Most of us do not get nearly enough water in a day but its important to aim high and drink roughly half your body weight in ounces, or eight 8 oz. glasses a day.As an added bonus, we like to add Apple Cider Vinegar to soothe any tummy troubles.

3)   Spice it up! We may be slightly biased here but this is one we can’t skip when we think about detoxing or rebalancing anything that may have gone haywire on the inside. Studies have shown that turmeric affects the livers ability to effectively detox toxic chemicals (i.e alcohol); we’re hoping that adding an elixir a day with 15 grams of turmeric in it could potentially increase our detoxification systems and help the liver feel happy again.

Have any tips for feeling like new after a long weekend?

On the bright side, sweater weather is coming.

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