Spice’s That Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

The Fall is in full swing and as we approach the season of snow and freezing temperatures we are craving comforting spices and warming smells.

Spending time on our Pinterest, we stumbled across simple recipes to make your home smell like fall. Intrigued, I clicked away and ended up on the Free People Blog staring at beautiful pictures of cinnamon and cloves day dreaming about reading a good book, cuddled with a blanket and a home that smells like fresh baked goods without the temptation.

We pulled some of our favorites quick and easy recipes to get your home smelling like a perfect fall day.

DIY-fall-potpourriFor this recipe you will need:

Whole cinnamon sticks, slightly crushed
Vanilla essential oil or extract
Anise seeds
Nutmeg, ground or whole
Whole cloves

Arrange all the ingredients in a beautiful jar and leave it out all day. We can’t guarantee it will look as beautiful as the picture but we can try!
(Source: 3 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall | Free People Blog)

For a more intense burst of scent, we like this recipe for a stove top simmer that smells divine.

For this recipe you will need :

Fresh rosemary
Anise seeds
Ground nutmeg
Vanilla extract

*We like to add Cardamom to the mix*

Simmer all the ingredients together in a sauce pan of water and add water every 30 minutes.

Source: 3 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall | Free People Blog )

More combinations that smell heavenly (Recipe from Apartment Therapy)

1 cup dried lavender
1 tsp anise
1 Tablespoon nutmeg
1 Tablespoon whole cloves
1 Cinnamon stick

Once your home smells amazing, grab a TumericALIVE and drink your spices to warm up from the inside out.



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