Staying Healthy On the Road: Lexie Millard on Cycling and Reducing Inflammation

Millions of Americans bike every day, but only a few cycle professionally. We recently sat down with Lexie Millard, a professional cyclist for Team Iluminate, to learn how she became one of the few female professional riders in the country and her advice on tackling a challenging race and reducing inflammation after a long ride.

Lexie’s Ride


Lexie’s path to cycling started at Colorado Mesa University as a fun way to explore new places, ride and travel the roads, and be surrounded by a great team. “Once I started racing, I was hooked,” she says. “The races are always different and anything can happen, but speed and strategy are always present.”

After Lexie graduated in 2015 with a BS in chemistry, she began traveling around the country with a professional team, racing the National Criterum Calendar, Pro Road Tour, and Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) races. For the 2017 season she is racing with the inaugural UCI Women’s Team Illuminate. “As a team with no sponsor logos on our jersey, I have the opportunity to work with brands I am passionate about. Temple Turmeric has been incredibly supportive of my racing and helping me reduce inflammation.”

With every race, Team Illuminate has provided Lexie a myriad of opportunities to grow, learn, and improve. Integral to all this is her team. “When I get together with my team for a race, I get gratification from working together selflessly for a common goal. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to race professionally, but now that I am, it’s exciting to keep working hard to see where this sport takes me.”  

Turmeric and Cycling – Reducing Inflammation One Ride at a Time

Lexie pushes her body hard while racing and recovers with the help of Temple Turmeric elixirs. The positive inflammatory response of turmeric Lexie gets from the drinks is very beneficial for workout recovery after an exhausting ride.  She especially enjoys Pure Mega turmeric elixir, because of its refreshing green mango flavor and the 13,000 mg of whole root turmeric per bottle. It doesn’t hurt that the drinks are organic, include no added sugars, and has ingredients that each serve a purpose for optimum health and of course, reducing inflammation.

When Lexie is on her way home, she goes with a smoothie. Smoothies allow Lexie to think about blending endless possibilities of fruits, veggies, and other necessary macros for workout recovery. Of course, as Lexie knows, it’s ok to treat yourself from time to time. She’s especially fond of crunchy and salty organic blue corn tortilla chips with a good salsa!

Ready to Race?


Lexie may be new to the professional field, though she has some sage words of wisdom for those interested in cycling. “Some advice I give (and still listen to) is to be a sponge and soak up all of the information from riders around you. There is always an opportunity to learn, and that comes from racing with those more experienced than you.”

Lexie certainly practices what she preaches. Recently, at the Amgen Tour of California, the only UCI Women’s World Tour Race in the United States, Lexie participated in her hardest race yet. It’s a prestigious race, where Lexie competed against world champions and Olympians. She learned that even when a race doesn’t go well, there is always something positive to take away from it: “It was so inspiring to race with all those fast and successful women; it gets me motivated for the future.”

Lexie motivates us. What motivates you?



Photos courtesy of Lexie Millard.  

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