Thanksgiving Gratitude Flows

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s here ! This time officially marks the beginning of the holiday season. In the next few days, Christmas lights and trees will be in full swing and our schedules will be exploding with holiday soirees and getaways (we hope!), so let’s enjoy the moments of sanity and clarity while we can.

For some reason, Thanksgiving has been tainted with over indulgence and weight gain. Our society places so much emphasis on the pie you shouldn’t eat and the potatoes with too many carbs that we forget why we really go to the dinner table in the first place. It’s not about the food. It’s just not. It’s about the family and friends we surround ourselves with and the beauty that for one day, everyone takes a moment away from the voice in their own heads to focus on what they are actually grateful for. Sure, we can be grateful that Hu Kitchen made a gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free pie that tastes like heaven and won’t leave you with a sugar hangover or a food baby but its  more about taking a moment together to express gratitude and give thanks. Something we don’t do enough.


Our Favorite Picks for  classes to attend this holiday:

New York City

Kula Yoga Project

Incase you were nervous Thanksgiving would get in the way of Master teacher Kevin Courtney leading his usual Thursday morning flow at 10 am, don’t fret- it’s on. Get to that sacred place inside yourself with a vigorous flow, some deep breathing and an insane playlist at Kula.

108 Salutations of Thanks at Om Factory Union Square

108 Sun Salutations seems like a lot, but this spiritual practice will stay fresh and exciting as Om Factory’s finest switch off teaching incorporating different elements from a range of yoga styles. Class will be offered in the studios new, yet-to-be-finished studio space. Proceeds will benefit the Lineage Project.

Laughing Lotus

The amazing Dana Trixie Flynn and Shri Emily Stone will be leading a mash up to start your day with some laughter. Mash ups at Laughing Lotus are more like a party than a yoga class and the community gathering will leave you feeling inspired and loving life.

San Francisco

Yoga Tree San Francisco has you covered with classes all morning long. A special Thanksgiving Gratitude Vinyasa will have you flowing with thankfulness all day long. 

Los Angeles

Christi Chirstensn of Exhale Venice will be teaming up with Marla Leigh to get you detoxing before you retox.  There will be live music and lots of gratitude.

San Diego

Hale Holistic has one class for you to make sure you get on your mat tomorrow. Getting to class will also guarantee you get in a green smoothie early in the morning.

Because we are grateful for YOU, enjoy a special promotion on your favorite elixirs to stay grounded and healthy this season, use “thanksgiving” promo code at checkout!

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