The Unexpected Benefits of an Organic Lifestyle



The Unexpected Benefits of an Organic Lifestyle

When most people are considering adopting a more organic lifestyle, there are several questions that immediately come to mind – How is it going to make me feel? Will I look better? Will my skin be more clear? Will I have more energy? Will it improve my health and help me live a longer life?

The answer to all of these questions is an unequivocal “yes”.

Conventionally-grown food allows for the use of toxic-pesticides, genetically-modified organisms, artificial flavors and preservatives, and synthetic growth hormones. These ingredients have absolutely no business being in our food, and they can be very harmful to both our physical and emotional health.

In order for us to perform at our best, and look and feel our best, we need to be feeding the cells in our bodies the finest nutrients, vitamins, and minerals available. And the best source of these is from organic food, which prohibits nearly everything allowed in conventional agriculture.

As someone who has eaten close to 100% organic since 2001, I can certainly attest to the fact that I have more energy than ever, my skin has never looked better, and I have very clear thoughts. There is no doubt that had I not switched to an organic diet, my physical health and state of mind would be not where it is today.

Yet, when I started embracing an organic lifestyle nearly fifteen years ago, my only concern was “me” as I was desperate to avoid putting harmful ingredients in “my” body.

As time went on, however, this perspective began to shift, particularly when I launched my organic food blog, Living Maxwell, at the end of 2009. I became much more aware of how conventional agriculture was poisoning our water supply and sickening farm workers with its super-toxic chemicals, and how it was contaminating organic farms though the uncontrollable spread of genetically-modified organisms.

I soon realized that this organic lifestyle had evolved into so much more than “me”. It was also about protecting my fellow citizens and the precious resources of our planet. Not only did this mean continuing to support organic businesses, but activism and raising awareness of all of these important issues via my blog became real priorities.

Perhaps the biggest, and most unexpected, benefit of an organic way of life is that it can truly change the way that you show up in the world and the things that you value.


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