Warming Spices for the Winter

The temperature is dropping and we are currently battling dry skin, cold feet, and scratchy throats. When it gets cold outside, the thought of a simmering healing soup and slow roasted root vegetables is inspiring and nourish our body from the inside out.


I typically dread the winter and leaving the comfort of my home, but alas life goes on in the winter and there are certain things that we can feed ourselves to warm ourselves from the inside.When we begin to eat with the seasons, we eat what is available because of what it is being grown. We evolved eating what was available to be gathered, not imported across the world Our bodies are given what they need to be warm and sustained; fall and winter produce is abundant, bountiful and incredibly good.Dark orange colored vegetables have immune boosting beta carotene. Stock up on  sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. Roasted sweet potatoes, squash, beets, turnips, and cauliflower is a fall produce power combo. These root vegetables literally help ground you and improve your bodies ability to acclimate to the seasons.Spices are another great way to instantly warm your body up. 

Teas, soups, or as a garnish, spices transform the flavor and the health benefits of what you’re eating. Spicy herbs help us feel warmer by increasing circulation and raising our internal body temperature.A handful of the most warming spices can be found in most of our TumericALIVE beverages. 

Some of the superstars include; Black pepper for its antioxidant support, Cinnamon helps support digestive function and circulation while Cardamom is believed to open respiratory passages and Cayenne Pepper is rich in Vitamin C which helps relieve chills, coughs and congestion. Cayenne Pepper can also be sprinkled onto the soles of your feet when braving the cold weather to keep them warm.Our main stars turmeric and ginger are believed to enhance the immune system and increase circulation.Other warming foods include arugula, mustard greens and insulating snacks can be nuts, seed and their butters.

Invest some extra time in the kitchen to nourish yourself. Many of these foods and spices have intoxicating and warming scents that envelope your house and stimulate your senses. Buffer yourself from hurting in the cold and get creative in the kitchen.


Have any recipes you want to share to warm yourself up in the winter? We want to hear it!

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