What is Independence?

What is Independence? | Temple Turmeric

What is Independence? | Temple Turmeric

4th of July always brings to mind beautiful memories from past celebrations. Marching in small town parades with a boom box keeping steps in time. The smell of a bon fire and the sound of it crackling into the night. The deep, roaring boom of fireworks exploding in the dark sky. And the joy that kind of saturates your body starting from your eyes, to your smile, then melting all the way down to your toes.


What is Independence? | Temple Turmeric

That is the memory of 4th of July in modern times, but the roots of this momentous day in history all comes down to independence.


Freedom to be Independent

Although independence looks very different in 2015 than it did in 1776 when America legally separated from Britain, the principles are still very much the same.

Independence feels very synonymous with freedom because when it comes down to it, one does not exist without the other. We have the freedom, and therefore the independence, to express ourselves how we choose.

If all goes well, we will all choose to use our independence in a responsible, respectful way that lifts others up as we grow together through this lifetime.


Independence in Action

Earlier this week, at The Blender Girl Smoothies Book launch party, Guru Jaget said that “the investment in others yields a 7-10% return; much higher than most investments these days.”

By supporting others in their dreams, we honor their pursuits, in turn validating their life’s work. Now, to some this may seem like a selfless act, but by validating others’ dreams and truly believing in their future inevitability, we are also validating that our dreams are also possible and inevitable.

Enter: Independence. You can use your independence to be exactly who you dream to be. Whether your dream is to become a teacher, a parent, a blogger, or to spread the benefits of turmeric by creating a turmeric-based beverage company, everything is a possiblity.


Take the time to consider who you are and what makes you so happy your heart’s beat seems to permeate your body. Feel that beat, that passion, fill you all the way up.

And have a very, very Happy Independence Day this fine 4th of July weekend!



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