Harvesting with the Harvest Moon

Overnight, the moon reached its peak fullness bringing with it all the energy and vibrational energy of a full moon, but sadly truly marking the end of the summer. The full moon closest to autumnal equinox became known as the Harvest Moon; this marked an important time when many crops reached their peak, ready to go to market. Before the use of lights, the brightness of the moon allowed farmers to stay active past the hours of the sunlight, relying on the moon to extend their workday without the sun. Officially marking the turn of the seasons, we leave behind the long summer days and welcome chilly fall nights.

Today, the Harvest Moon might not make us more productive in the farm but with the right intention it can certainly speed things up in your life. Well into the morning hours, the moon appeared brighter and closer than usual, lighting up the sky and maybe even making you feel a bit more anxious and emotional. The extra energy that is brought about with the fullness of the moon could send you to straight to crazy town or actually give you a leg up on your way to fulfilling those day dreams floating around in your head. Rather than giving into the angry, erratic energy that might be brewing use these five tips to breathe your way to a happier, more magical month.

The two days before and two days after a full moon are ignited with extra energy in the universe. Here are 5 simple ways to manifest a better tomorrow.

1. Meditate…
The crazy mind will get crazier during this time! Avoid feeding the frenzy energy and carve out extra time to sit your ass down and think loving thoughts (ideally, under the moonlight). Mentally and emotionally open your body up to receiving the spiritual energy.

2. Refrain from getting angry or engaging with angry people
This is where you will be happy you made the effort to sit quietly. Those around you could express the crazy energy, but don’t engage; let things go and breathe deep. This is not the time to share things that could be bothering you or upsetting you. Wait a few days and try again.

3. Manifest your dreams
The full moon is the best time to whip out your inspiration boards and journals and get honest about what you really want. Surround yourself with pictures and triggers that will remind you of your goals and your heart desires. Focus positive energy on your dreams and the full moon will help you out with an added boost to help them come true.

4. Do something new
Nothing crazy that you will regret two days later but seek some adventure, push your comfort zone a bit and discover something inside yourself that may have been dormant. Doing something that requires a bit of bravery and courage could reveal what you’ve been missing.

5. Welcome everything
When you’re going deep into the corners of your soul, you may find its not just rainbows and smiles. There can be some lingering sadness and darkness in all of us, the point is to find it and let it go so that you can move forward and grow. Shine the light on all those nasty, negative emotions and take away their power. Leave them behind and move on, making space for your loving thoughts and newly manifested dreams.

You still have two days! Start the new season with a renewed sense of purpose and comfort that the universe is on your side. Luckily, we can count on the full moon rolling on by every month giving us an extra hand at creating the life we want.

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