How To Control Your Mind Through Your Fingertips

How To Control Your Mind Through Your Fingertips | Temple Turmeric

How To Control Your Mind Through Your Fingertips | Temple Turmeric

While at a yoga or mediation class, you may have noticed that people place their hands in certain positions while meditating. Each “Hand Mudra” has a specific purpose and benefit for our mind and body.

How To Control Your Mind Through Your Fingertips | Temple Turmeric

Mudra in Sanskrit means seal. Mudras are ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions used during mediation and pranayama (breathing exercises), as a way to direct the flow of energy in the body with a specific intention. According to Yogi’s, there is a reflexology aspect where certain hand positions stimulate certain areas of the brain. By applying light pressure to certain areas in the hand, you can “activate’ the brain.

Hand mudras also symbolize various feelings, emotions and states of being. While practicing the mudra’s below, exert enough pressure to feel the flow of energy through the channels up the arms but not enough to whiten the fingertips.


1) Gyan Mudra Seal of Knowledge

Gyan Mudra | Temple Turmeric

Instructions: Connect tip of thumb to the tip of index finger (symbolizes Jupiter). The other fingers are straight but relaxed.

Meaning: Gyan Mudra stimulates the root chakra and eases tension and depression. The thumb represents the ego and index finger relates to expansion, wisdom and higher consciousness. It is calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation.  It sharpens the brain, empowers the mind, nervous system, endocrine system and pituitary gland.


2) Shuni Mudra – Seal of Patience

Shuni Mudra | Temple Turmeric

Instructions: Tip of the middle finger (symbolizes Saturn) touches tip of the thumb. Other fingers are straight and not rigid.

Meaning: The middle finger represents patience, discernment, stability and discipline. It encourages patience to fulfill one’s responsibilities. It helps turn negative emotions into positive ones. Breathing while holding this mudra will cultivate perseverance and focus.


3) Surya Mudra – Seal of Life

Surya Mudra | Temple Turmeric

Instructions: Tip of thumb and tip of ring finger (symbolizes sun energy). Other fingers are straight and not rigid.

Meaning: This mudra represents balance, energy, endurance, health and vitality. It can help encourage positive change in your life and speed up metabolism and stimulate digestion. Breathing while holding this mudra will energize the entire body.


4) Buddhi Mudra – Seal of Communication

Buddhi Mudra | Temple Turmeric

Instructions: Tip of pink finger (Mercury) touches tip of thumb. The rest of fingers gently extended.

Meaning: This hand Mudra is also known as the “seal of mental clarity and clear communication.”  The little finger represents water and communication. When the pinky and thumb are placed together it is meant to symbolize and encourage open communication. It helps balance the water element in the body, activating the salivary glands and moistening dry eyes and skin. This Mudra also helps with gaining higher understanding and discerning intuitive messages to gain knowledge.


How To Use The Mudras to Balance Your Energy

Here is a simplified Kundalini yoga meditation to help balance your energy that you can incorporate in your modern and busy lifestyle. Do it while sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

  1. In a sequence, touch the finger with the tip of your thumb. Do this with both hands simultaneously and keep each connected for a few seconds. Put enough pressure so that you feel the tips touch.

  2. The mantra we either speak out loud or mentally vibrate is SA-TA-NA-MA, as each finger touches the thumb. You want to keep your mental focus on your 3rd eye point. This can be done with your eyes open or closed.

The benefit of this meditation has a balancing and calming effect on the body and mind.

Use these mudras in combination with any other meditations and pranayama. Focus your intention on a specific result and use the corresponding mudra to create that effect.



Tejal Patel of Astitva Seekers

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