Meditation for the Modern Life


Meditation is such that no matter how much we hear about the profound benefits, there is still a resistance to stop what you’re doing to sit in complete stillness.  An active lifestyle also doesn’t exactly lend itself to earning even as little as 1o minutes a day for meditation; emails continue to roll in, your social media outlets are constantly calling you to inspect and respond, the kids need tending to.  Even if we do find ourselves in a quiet situation all alone, we still might choose to slam out a session of Candy Crush to help decompress.

 However, this is not about relying on cartoon confections to help us detach and suspend ourselves above the sometimes chaotic offerings of the day-to-day.  This is about accepting the advent of the new season as an opportunity to seize the chance to turn it all around by delving into a practice that can offer you more than you could ever imagine. The time has come to pull out that meditation cushion or yoga mat.  Find your center and settle into perfect silence.

Not so easy, huh? If you’ve tried this you know it’s really not quite as simple as it may seem. The bright side is that once it becomes a routine, you’ll be wishing you could hit the snooze button and stay a little longer.  

To make a smoother transition, we pulled inspiration from one of our favorite online mags for all things life and fashion, Refinery29, to make this ancient practice blend in with our fast paced lives.  Learning to meditate now doesn’t have to be as difficult as assembling a Flärdfull from IKEA.  We’re jumping on this meditation club bandwagon!

Guided meditations are a great way to let go for those of us who could use the training wheels. Find bliss with Gabby Bernstein, the cool modern spiritual guru, with a guided meditation to release some negative energy while propelling into some much needed piece of mind.

Timers set. GO.

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