Celebrate New Years Eve The Yogi Way

Typically, New Years Eve is spent getting way too drunk, spending a bit too much money and ending the year on slightly rough note. With all the parties and excessive drinking, New Years Day isn’t exactly productive. Hangovers leave us feeling like crap and starting a New Year, a day that holds so much promise and possibility, is spent in pain and, well, feeling like crap. When we as yogis start to see the power behind intention, we realize that the intention behind an action  impacts everything from determination to sending direct energy to our desires. This year, we resolve to spend New Years Day sipping on TumericALIVE and Green Juice while setting fire to the soul rocking goals we are envisioning for 2014.


In order to ensure 2014 gets set up to be a smashing success, importance must be placed on New Years Eve. SO, grab your yoga friends and find out if your favorite studio is having a special bash to ring in the New Year with an open heart. Yoga parties really are so much more fun than a crowded bar surrounded by overly drunk beings.

If you happen to be in NYC or San Francisco, lucky you. Join Yoga Tree for a night of vigorous asana, amazing beats and good people. NYC yogis head over to Laughing Lotus for class with a live DJ and a community that will be sure to blow your fourth chakra wide open and support whatever goals your heart may be wanting to achieve this year. Jivamukti yoga will also be having a night of festivities; classes with founders David Life and Sharon Gannon will be followed by Vegan food from Jivamukti cafe. The studio will also be opening their doors and holding space for Silent Meditation and reflection for deep intention setting from 9:00-Midnight.

Whether or not you will be alone, surrounded by family and friends, or venturing into a space with unfamiliar faces, make a commitment to dig deep inside, listen to your heart and honor that little voice that may be screaming for change. Go within to find what you really want to create in 2014. It may be the typical promise for 6 pack abs but it may be something deeper; find the root of your desires and resolve to honor yourself and accomplish them this year, once and for all.

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